TCDUL#2: About Customer Loyality

One of the most common sells knowledge is that it cost more money to get new customers than to keep customers. 

For some read that introductory paragraph really SLOWWWWLY. Now I know that the economy has been difficult for most sales people and customers service. However, the bad economy should not justify snobby customer service. For those that are in sales or customer service should now more than ever build customer loyalty, because customer loyalty maybe the only way that a sales person can survive in this bad economy, and even in a great economy should a salesperson create customer loyalty. For I will give you two customer reactions from customer loyalty that will not only just let you survive in a bad economy, but you will thrive. 

One reaction from customer loyalty is that they will buy whatever you are selling no matter what, even if the economy is bad, or what you are selling is a little high than the average price in your market. 

Another reaction from customer loyalty is they will most likely share their experience with you with their friends. For most people will more likely believe their friends sayings about product’s quality, than a strangers saying about a product from in person or through a screen. If you are able to get most of your new customers through word of mouth, than that is a better way than costly advertisement that may not always guarantee a return for investment. 

If your customers are loyal to you with buying from you and telling their friends about you, than those are great things for you. For those give you a revenue stream, that should help thrive in any kind of economy. 

Therefore learn to create customer loyalty so you can thrive in your environment.