TCDUL#3: About Going Green

This morning I went to our apartment’s leasing office for free coffee that they offer to basically to whomever goes through their door. With the tough economic time for most people, I could imagine that they are looking to make budget cuts. I mean look at ESPN, who recently laid off 100 workers. Well I am not quite exactly sure if our apartment management are doing budget cuts with people, but I am pretty sure they are doing it with waste products like paper. For I am receiving that indication with a sign they made by wasting paper, and the sign was near their coffee station. Their sign was written as, 

We are going green. Please bring your cups for free coffee. 

Now if anyone with a least a quarter of common sense should reach the conclusion of their sign does not make any sense. For I do not need see the connection with going green and bringing my own cup for coffee. 

I think their sign was a way for them to cover up their ignorance on how to balance a budget. For they might believe people will see them not being intelligent for making budge cut with disposable drinking cups. Or maybe they really believe in going green, because they believe that act will save the planet. Now with my adoptive principle of individual liberty I believe that people can believe in whatever they want, and not be persecuted for it. 

Now when it comes to the idea of going green, I believe that like most government acts that those are as believable as pyramid schemes that can make anyone rich. I mean that is what going green is. For its a ponzy scheme for the federal government to continue to steal money with the name of tax from people by using science to create fear in the minds of the masses. 

Therefore the office did not need the idea of going green to cover up their lack of money understanding. For going green goes against making money. 


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