TCDUL#3: About Going Green

This morning I went to our apartment’s leasing office for free coffee that they offer to basically to whomever goes through their door. With the tough economic time for most people, I could imagine that they are looking to make budget cuts. I mean look at ESPN, who recently laid off 100 workers. Well I am not quite exactly sure if our apartment management are doing budget cuts with people, but I am pretty sure they are doing it with waste products like paper. For I am receiving that indication with a sign they made by wasting paper, and the sign was near their coffee station. Their sign was written as, 

We are going green. Please bring your cups for free coffee. 

Now if anyone with a least a quarter of common sense should reach the conclusion of their sign does not make any sense. For I do not need see the connection with going green and bringing my own cup for coffee. 

I think their sign was a way for them to cover up their ignorance on how to balance a budget. For they might believe people will see them not being intelligent for making budge cut with disposable drinking cups. Or maybe they really believe in going green, because they believe that act will save the planet. Now with my adoptive principle of individual liberty I believe that people can believe in whatever they want, and not be persecuted for it. 

Now when it comes to the idea of going green, I believe that like most government acts that those are as believable as pyramid schemes that can make anyone rich. I mean that is what going green is. For its a ponzy scheme for the federal government to continue to steal money with the name of tax from people by using science to create fear in the minds of the masses. 

Therefore the office did not need the idea of going green to cover up their lack of money understanding. For going green goes against making money. 

TCDUL#2: About Customer Loyality

One of the most common sells knowledge is that it cost more money to get new customers than to keep customers. 

For some read that introductory paragraph really SLOWWWWLY. Now I know that the economy has been difficult for most sales people and customers service. However, the bad economy should not justify snobby customer service. For those that are in sales or customer service should now more than ever build customer loyalty, because customer loyalty maybe the only way that a sales person can survive in this bad economy, and even in a great economy should a salesperson create customer loyalty. For I will give you two customer reactions from customer loyalty that will not only just let you survive in a bad economy, but you will thrive. 

One reaction from customer loyalty is that they will buy whatever you are selling no matter what, even if the economy is bad, or what you are selling is a little high than the average price in your market. 

Another reaction from customer loyalty is they will most likely share their experience with you with their friends. For most people will more likely believe their friends sayings about product’s quality, than a strangers saying about a product from in person or through a screen. If you are able to get most of your new customers through word of mouth, than that is a better way than costly advertisement that may not always guarantee a return for investment. 

If your customers are loyal to you with buying from you and telling their friends about you, than those are great things for you. For those give you a revenue stream, that should help thrive in any kind of economy. 

Therefore learn to create customer loyalty so you can thrive in your environment. 

TCDUL#1: About My Favorite Superheroes

Helloooooooo! This first posting is about my favorite superheroes, because I want this second post be for fun. 

Ever since the way we watch whatever has changed, it has been way better. I love the idea of watching something from Netflix, Hulu, or whatever better than watching whatever at a movie theater that is really expensive and unsafe. 

The last tv series I watched that was so gooooood was Luke Cage. The first TV series I watched that made me be committed me to Netflix was House Of Cards. I love that show, and it might be my favorite drama.

Since being a Netflix subscriber I have seen all of the seasons that is on it of Arrow, Flash, Legends Of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Agents Of Shield. Now even though the DC shows are good, they are not at the level of Marvel. 

Ever since I watched X-Men on Fox when I was in middle school, I preferred Marvel over DC. Because of watching X-amen, one of my favorite superheroes is Wolverine. He has awesome powers, and what drew me to him was his take no prisoners attitude. Before I was a fan of Wolverine, I was a fan of Superman. Watching the Justice League cartoon, and seeing the Christopher Reeves Superman made me like Superman. Now looking back at his Superman, and the superhero movies being made now makes me appreciate his Superman even more. For obviously there was no CGI back then, and CGI today has the ability to make actors better than what they are. Comparing Christopher Reeves Superman to the actor that plays Superman now with CGI makes me wonder how much good Christopher Reeve Superman would have been if he had CGI. 

One of the common things that drew me to Superman and Wolverine was their super strength like powers. Before I was in my 30s, I was drawn to being strong as I can be with heavyweight training, but as I am getting older I am trying to train more smart with function like training. Because of that I would say now my favorite superhero is Iron Man. The concept of Him not having super powers, and him being really smart enough to build a suit made of weaponary is awesome to me. 

Also about Iron Man, he is another example of why Marvel is better than D.C. I guess DC’s doppelgänger of Iron Man could be Batman, which I think is one of the dumbest Superhero with the dumbest villains ever made with the mind. I mean come on you have a crazy clown, and a guy that tells riddles to a guy that is not a bat. He calls himself Batman, because bats are what makes him afraid. I feel like Marvel saw Batman, and says we can create a way better hero without super powers with Iron Man. I mean let’s be real. If I had a choice of being Batman or Iron Man, then I would pick Iron Man over Batman without any hesitation. To me Batman seems to be really miserable, whereas Tony Starks is the life of the party. I mean he is like Bruce Wayne in being rich, but he is way more fun than him, and he is obviously way more smart than him.

Alright I did not plan on excreting all over Batman, it just how I went with the flow. 

Quick recap of this blog, my favorite superheroes are Superman, Wolverine, and Iron Man. 

Next posting

For the next one I will share my recent driving experience for an Uber rider.


This is one of five blog posts that I have, and this blog will be about my experiences as a driver for Uber. My posts will have points to make, or it will be for fun. 

I have been driving for Uber for almost a year, and I started to drive for them since last January. A year ago I worked for Gold’s Gym, and I quit working there for that company stealing from me. 

For those that are thinking about getting a gym membership to lose weight, I advise not to. Most of the major gym names like Gold’s will not help you burn calories, but they will burn a hole in your account. 

Since I have been driving for Uber for almost a year I would have to say that it is the best company that I have worked for, and I have worked before for a major Christian ministry of Liberty University that provided benefits for full time employees. Because of how I was fired at Liberty University, I feel that the world’s largest Christian university has fallen under the label of CINO ( Christian In Name Only). With recent happenings at Liberty University like the hiring of former Baylor’s atheletic director that knew of rape and tried to cover it up, I think more LU Alumni feels the same as I about Liberty University fallen under the label of CINO. 

Another thing that makes working with Uber than working for Liberty University is that I believe that Uber possesses integrity, and Liberty not so much. 

Now this introduction was not meant to share my bad experiences of previous work places, but just to introduce this new blogsite with purposes of sharing my experience as a driving partner with Uber and writing about fun stuff. As I typed about my almost one year experience for partnering with Uber I end up comparing to previous work places, so I just shared of what happened to me. 

Even with bad experiences I do not see myself as a victim, nor do I feel sorry for myself, or hold a grudge towards my previous work places. For I am a Christian, and I know that struggles come, and because of God I can overcome bad things. 

About Post #1

For the next blog I will share about my favorite superheroes, because for the last two months I been binging on superhero shows on Netflix. Last weekend I started to watch Luke Cage after I finished the first season of Supergirl, and Luke Cage is gooooooood! A lot of people may know what I am talking about, and if you are into watching superhero stuff, then check out Luke Cage. Now if you are not into superheroes, but are into good dramas with interesting viewpoints about the world, then Luke Cage could be a good drama for you to watch.

Now I did not mean to close my introduction with a serious promo for Luke Cage, and no I do not work for the show. I mean that is how much I am into the show, because it is soooooooo goooooood. Because I like the show a lot I may dedicate a post, or a view to be about Luke Cage. It might accidentally be for the next one, and I will do my best for it not to intentionally happen. If it does, then this blogsite probably will be like a box of chocolates. For you never know what you might get. 

You see I told you this blogsite will be fun, or I hoped you enjoy the introduction.